1. khanti's Avatar
    wow! really perfect...
    2010-03-27 09:43 AM
  2. Peligro0's Avatar
    First icon Street Fighter IV

    2010-03-29 08:21 PM
  3. DutchMaster22's Avatar
    question... does this theme have a full themed UI?
    2010-03-30 12:28 AM
  4. tony787's Avatar
    Were can i get this theme ?
    2011-05-05 03:07 AM
  5. zacci's Avatar
    I just downloaded the theme and its all good, looks so sweet but the problem is I'm having double status bar clock..any idea why its happening and any way to remove the other status bar clock?
    maybe i could remove the first status bar clock through plist or something?

    please and thank you.
    2011-05-06 06:43 AM
  6. Re-Cre4ted's Avatar
    Were can i get this theme ?
    CYDIA he just said it in his first post

    Donate, request or help -> [email protected]
    2011-05-08 07:41 AM
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