1. Jekmyster's Avatar
    Well as i make my own theme for the iPhone3G doing one step at a time, first the battery, then the wallpapers per page, then icons, i discovered something weird.

    I'm using the 5 icon doc by the way. To the weird part, everytime i touch and hold an icon, you know to move it around and organize, the Dock graphic and all the icons dock disappears. I know they're there because i can shift icons on the dock and even change them.

    its nothing serious, but i was just wondering why this is? is there a procedure or a png file i missed to place in? Also once in a while when i move around icons the wallpaper shifts and moves below the status bar..

    Any insight is welcome...

    Google all the way...
    2009-06-18 08:24 PM
  2. miket43's Avatar
    I think maybe your icons are bigger than 60 by 60. Mine are and when i move them the dock ones are not visible.
    2009-06-21 12:09 AM