1. sickrex05's Avatar
    does anybody know how to put a theme on that i downloaded from this website onto my 3g? please help. thanks
    2009-06-24 06:21 AM
  2. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    If you downloaded it from here, you will have to SSH it into your iPhone.
    Given more info Mac/PC noob-ness more help can be given.
    2009-06-24 06:26 AM
  3. sickrex05's Avatar
    i have a PC. and what is a SSH?
    2009-06-24 02:41 PM
  4. Simtech's Avatar
    You need to read the "Guides" located on the top of the webpage.
    2009-06-24 03:49 PM
  5. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    2009-06-24 08:10 PM
  6. sickrex05's Avatar
    thanks guys
    2009-06-25 04:57 AM
  7. Coolkidd504's Avatar
    Can anybody tell me how to put a theme on my iPod that I downloaded from my iPod
    2009-08-16 01:08 AM
  8. NeoNightmareX's Avatar
    It's already on there just turn it on in Winterboard.
    If I helped you, then hit the "Thanks!" button please.

    I can't find Cydia on app store
    2009-08-16 02:54 AM