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  1. drknsurfur's Avatar
    Tried to use search but i just couldnt find out how to do this.k im very new to my iphone just jailbroke it and installed a DC theme the problem im having is all my icons just have DC as a picture and it looks horrible. overall the theme is kick *** i just dont want all my icons to look exactly the same. how do i change the icons without changing my theme??
    2009-07-03 04:45 AM
  2. Bo's Avatar
    You can SSH into your phone and remove the icon folder.
    Given more info would have helped us help you. Mac/PC
    Here's some info for you.
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    2009-07-03 07:38 AM
  3. drknsurfur's Avatar
    thank you man your the greatest i figured it out and i had to use cyberduck to do it but now its all good. gracias
    2009-07-03 10:23 PM