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    Okay so I need a procedure on what to do; I'm on a 2.2.1 jailbreak, and I want to upgrade to the non-jailbroken 3.0 firmware. I've read NOT to upgrade directly with the jailbreak. And I also read that DFU restore is disabled in iTunes 3.0; so I'm totally confused.

    Someone care to bare with me and give the steps I should follow to upgrade?

    I found a guide; (iClarified - iPod touch - How to Jailbreak Your iPod Touch on OS 3.0 Using RedSn0w (Windows)) so I'll try this and update you guys (and girls lol)

    ****EDIT 2**** (lol)
    Uh..yeah; so I restored clean to 2.2.1.....now I wanna update to 3.0...and I have the .ipsw file......(leaked)....soo...what do I do?

    *EDIT 3*
    NEVERMIND!! It's the "Shift+Click" thing ....I didn't know it worked with the Update function.

    Gonna update now; I'll report what happens after. =]

    *Edit 4*
    Successful update to 3.0
    I hear that Push notifications don't work on the jailbroken 3.0...is this true?

    *Edit 5*
    Successful 3.0 jailbreak.
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