1. Deadman's Avatar
    i recently updated to 3.0 firmware and am trying to get SBSettings, winterboard, etc. Cydia is giving me an error code stating "couldn't configure pre-depend dpkg for ncurses, probably a dependency cycle." What does this mean and how do i correct it? Note: cudia will not finish all updates due to same error.
    2009-07-07 11:36 AM
  2. krisoy52001's Avatar
    When u upgraded, u restored to your backup in iTunes, that's the reason why u have that problem, you need to restore in iTunes but don't restore from your backup, u will lose your apps, contacts, etc so make sure u got them written down, rejailbreak and don't use aptbackup, that installs the old cydia.
    2009-07-07 11:51 AM