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    Hi. I'm Ste, from "Ste Packaging". If you'd like to have your SummerBoard 2.11 theme distributed via Installer.app, I'd be happy to host it for you. Just zip it up and send it to me.

    Some suggestions:

    1) Tell me how you want to be credited.
    2) Make sure there are only the images files in the zip - no .DS_Store files or other non-image files.
    3) If your designing program allows you to save in a smaller, "mobile" format, I'm told that's better, disk-space-wise.
    4) If you're making the zip on a Mac, make it from the command line and not with StuffIt, which adds unneccessary junk to the zip file. For example, if your theme is called "Fred" and it's in a directory called "Fred" and it's version is 1.0, you can zip it up on the command line with:

    zip -9yr fred-1.0.zip Fred

    This will provide the best compression and leave out extra cruft.

    I'm told that Customize may soon have the ability to have themes as well. What this will mean, is that you will be able to create a two-piece theme that will encompass everything that SummerBoard and Customize can theme, by creating a theme for each that will go together to create the complete, overall, theme. Customize is adding more things it can manage, every day. Imagine the possibilities ...


    [email protected]
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    2007-09-24 06:27 AM
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    Sweet, thanks for the service.

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    2007-09-24 06:28 AM
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    awesome, how do i send it to you?
    2007-09-24 06:33 AM
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    I just added my email address to my original post. Oops.

    2007-09-24 06:45 AM
  5. bunbunfriedrice's Avatar
    K thanks. Emailed you. I look forward to seeing it!
    2007-09-24 06:51 AM
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    I got it and I'm working on it. Please be sure to include the complete directory structure for a theme, in the future, even if the other parts are empty. All you zipped up was an Icons directory. You should instead be zipping up the theme directory that the Icons directory is in. Did you forget to send me the Wallpaper and Dock images, or is your theme just icons? Also, please include a version number in your zip file name.


    K thanks. Emailed you. I look forward to seeing it!
    Hahaha. I love your theme. You have to add more icons though!

    That's a suggestion for all theme makers btw: make icons for every app out there, if you can. There's nothing worse than applying a wonderful theme only to have it only cover a few of the icons. Some of us have TONS of apps installed. You never know what apps people will have installed, so your safest bet is to make an icon for everything.

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    I agree with Ste about making icons for all apps out there.

    @Ste - perhaps refuse them if they dont make icons for most if not all apps
    2007-09-24 08:22 PM
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    I agree also about the icons. I also have an opinion about SummerBoard Themes. Why, instead of calling it a theme, can't we call it Icon Sets. That is basically all you need to do it change icon sets using summerboard. Then you use your wallpaper section in preferences to switch the wallpapers.

    That is what needs to happen. Then you can use Customize to switch everything else (docks, carriers, batteries, etc...)

    So basically SummerBoard needs to have Icon Sets ONLY! I wish more people focused on making icons than themes! I just use Loring's Square Twisted icons that includes most of the current apps. I would make my own icons, but I'm not that creative to make them.

    Just my 2 cents!
    2007-09-24 08:40 PM
  9. hyperjoe's Avatar
    You guys are wonderful and committed guys and gals! THanks so much for installer.app
    2007-09-25 02:01 AM
  10. Mr_Sparkle's Avatar
    Thanks ste!
    I just sent you one. It doesn't have ALL the icons... yet. I'm working on it though but thought it would be good to get version 1.0 out there for "1984".

    Once I get a good batch of other icons ready should I just forward you a replacement zip file? Say, version 1.1?

    Thanks again for the service!
    2007-09-25 11:37 PM
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    I won't reject a theme just because it doesn't have every single icon. However, if you want your theme to stand a chance of being used longer than it takes an Installer.app user to download it, look at it and delete it, then it should be good and should contain icons for the vast majority of the UI apps that are available in Installer.app (plus any others you know of, that need one). Additionally, you should be willing to add (in a subsequent release, if need be) any that I point out are missing and any needed for new apps as they come out.

    Right now, a good example of completeness is the "my fiRst tHeem" theme. The 1.1 version has a few mis-spelled and a few missing, but those will be fixed up tonight in the 1.2 version. You could use that 1.2 version as a list of icons that most themes should have. I'm also considering maintaining a list of needed icons on my site, for you to refer to. I'll post a link to it in this thread, if I do.

    Oh, and please, no adult/nude themes. Kids use the iPhone too and no matter how nice your theme is, I'm afraid I won't pkg it up if it contains that.

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  12. Mr_Sparkle's Avatar
    Cool, Thanks!
    I do have a lot of the main icons... all the defaults plus another 16 or so and I am actively working on others. By all means if there are any Core ones missing at any point I am more than happy to get them done and added in. It is my goal to have EVERY app icon'd as soon as possible.
    2007-09-26 12:16 AM
  13. HighTymes's Avatar
    Good deal man.
    2007-09-26 12:44 AM
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    Ok, here's a link to something I put up that may, or may not, help.

    2007-09-26 02:36 AM