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    This Animated Lock is edited by me, you cannot find this in cydia or icy.. This animated pictures is a animated wallpaper from other phone specially SonyE. I just edited it so the iphone can use for animated lock only not wallpaper background anyway lets start..

    What we need:
    Jailbroken Iphone
    WinterBoard from cydia icy
    Animated LockScreen - MagsWheel Lockscreen by Mcmms.rar

    1.) Connect your iphone to your PC then connect it to IphoneBrowser..
    2.) if you are already connected to IphoneBrowser..Click VAR > Stash > Themes >
    3.) Just copy the whole folder that you downlaod or drag it to the right side make sure you are in themes folder.
    4.) Now goto winterboard click the folder that you put and then press home button thats it..

    here some screenshot:

    This One for Iphone 3G and 3gs

    Apple Logo 3g 3gs Lockscreen by Mcmms.rar

    For Ipod Itouch

    Apple Logo Ipod-Itouch Lockscreen by Mcmms.rar

    For Iphone 1st gen

    Apple Logo Lockscreen by Mcmms.rar

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    2009-07-08 04:53 AM
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    Cool stuff. Very nice.
    smaller sig.png
    2009-07-08 05:00 AM
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    Thanks blkcadi ill post more when i got back from work
    2009-07-08 05:05 AM
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    yeah thats freaking sweet. let me know if you take requests or have a guide to do-it-yourself. Thanks man!
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    2009-07-08 08:20 AM
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    thanks ill think about it, because its quite hard to edit some .GIF picture anyway ill post more animated lockbackground..

    BlackPanter Face

    BlackPanter Lockscreen by Mcmms.rar

    Brain x-ray

    Brain Lockscreen by Mcmms.rar


    Car Lockscreen by Mcmms.rar

    Car 2

    Car Lockscreen II by Mcmms.rar

    City Lights

    City Lockscreen by Mcmms.rar

    For Anime LOver

    Anime Lockscreen by Mcmms.rar

    Anime II Lockscreen by Mcmms.rar

    Anime III Lockscreen by Mcmms.rar

    Anime IV Lockscreen by Mcmms.rar

    Anime V Lockscreen by Mcmms.rar

    Anime VI Lockscreen by Mcmms.rar

    Additional lockscreen background DragonBall Gohan and Goku


    Gohan Lockscreen by Mcmms.rar


    Goku II Lockscreen by Mcmms.rar

    Goku III Lockscreen by Mcmms.rar

    Goku IV Lockscreen by Mcmms.rar

    Goku Lockscreen by Mcmms.rar

    Here's additional
    Zodiac Sign

    Zodiac Aquarius Lockscreen by Mcmms.rar

    Zodiac Cancer Lockscreen by Mcmms.rar

    Zodiac Gemini Lockscreen by Mcmms.rar

    Zodiac Leo Lockscreen by Mcmms.rar

    Zodiac Pisces Lockscreen by Mcmms.rar

    Zodiac Sagittarius Lockscreen by Mcmms.rar

    Zodiac Scorpio Lockscreen by Mcmms.rar

    Zodiac Taurus Lockscreen by Mcmms.rar

    Zodiac Virgo Locksreen by Mcmms.rar

    ZodiacAries Lockscreen by Mcmms.rar

    ZodiacCapricorn Lockscreen by Mcmms.rar

    ZodiacLibra Lockscreen by Mcmms.rar

    Tommorow Again

    Additional for this day


    Earth Lockscreen by Mcmms.rar


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    we want more

    use my gif image but i am getting this in tiled view i want centered view
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    2009-07-11 12:17 PM
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    what do you mean use your gif image? ill post more..thanks
    2009-07-11 02:40 PM
  8. Mcmms's Avatar
    2009-07-14 08:22 PM
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    Can u make one of a bong hit, or a blunt burning.

    Pm me if u can, I do donate if you are setup for them.
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    2009-07-14 08:50 PM
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    make some bouncing boobs or something lol. or maybe a how to so we can make our own? or do we just needa learn how to make animated gif images and crop them all to the correct size? use your lockbackground.html and use our own .gif animated image?
    1.1.1>1.1.2>1.1.4>2.0>2.1>2.2>3.1>3.1.2 blackra1n'd

    waitin on my white iphone 4
    2009-07-14 09:32 PM
  11. Mcmms's Avatar

    Can you give me or PM me some sample of Bong hit or blunt burning 'ill make one


    I already have, I just DOnt post it yet coz i dont know if that is ok here?
    2009-07-15 12:35 AM
  12. phreakwenci's Avatar
    make some bouncing boobs or something lol. or maybe a how to so we can make our own? or do we just needa learn how to make animated gif images and crop them all to the correct size? use your lockbackground.html and use our own .gif animated image?
    Ahh... I heart this thread...
    Don't forget to say THANKS!

    2009-07-15 12:42 AM
  13. Mcmms's Avatar
    2009-07-15 02:21 AM
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    I have tons of my own animations that I would love to use and share... can you tell us how to create the needed files if we already have the animations? (The html, etc)
    2009-07-15 09:51 PM
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    I haven't tested cause my I is on repair, but if you have the right size Gif where if you resize don't get too much pixels floating you can use a HTML editor on the image, than follow his steps, can't wait to get my phone back so I can try!
    2009-07-18 07:35 PM
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    thnx man! can u upload more gifs... plzplzplzplzplz! thnx man.
    2009-07-23 11:28 PM
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    SUre maybe this week, im quite busy so far..i'll post some of last worx.
    2009-07-24 05:18 AM
  18. Mcmms's Avatar
    2009-07-29 03:27 AM
  19. Doorstopdima's Avatar
    thnx man
    ! nice work!
    2009-07-31 11:32 PM
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    are you taking requests?
    2009-08-14 02:05 AM
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