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    Mod please delete this post. I posted it in the launches thread, and also updated it. Thanks

    I made metallic sliders in all different colors, with two different styles. One style appears to have the middle of the slider sticking out and the other in. These sliders are like stffwiz's old metallic sliders, but since he took them off cydia and people are looking for them, I decided to make some of my own.

    I am currently working on a repository which these sliders, and other stuff that I make will be in. I'll update this post when I get it all set up.

    Screen Shots: (The gradients appear to go too far in the screen shots, but on the iphone they are the right distance and line up with the slide to unlock image reflection)

    In Style:


    Out Style:

    (Forest Green)

    Old style:


    To apply:

    SSH to your iPhone and go to /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/TelephonyUI.framework/. There will be 3 files in there that you will need to backup if you don't want to lose them. Just pick what color you want to go where and rename it, drop in in the TelephonyUI.framework/ folder. Then respring.

    bottombarknobgray.png - The lockscreen slider
    bottombarknobred.png - The power slider
    bottombarknobgreen.png - The answer call slider

    I am currently working on making a new version of them as well. Instead of having black in the middle I am going to have it match the transparency of the hud. Probably be releasing it tonight. There is just so much saving with all the colors lol.
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