1. GopherTee's Avatar
    Hi what would this mean?

    how would i go about sorting it?

    I believe it is a request for the UIImages (these are the icon bases so you don't have to create an icon for every app). However, with the reflection, this is not going to work.
    2010-06-01 06:01 AM
  2. 272129's Avatar
    hello all

    I saw the video tutorial to modify
    I also download the script for
    Ielegance into, but how to apply
    another image script

    A thousand excuses for my poor English

    thank you in advance
    2010-06-01 04:02 PM
  3. p3aceandlove's Avatar
    Hey Guys,

    Could someone Possibly Make Up These Icons for me?

    thanks So Much
    Attached Thumbnails iElegance Icons-safari.png  
    2010-06-01 07:58 PM
  4. Darkness777's Avatar
    p3aceandlove RQ
    Attached Images iElegance Icons-safari.png iElegance Icons-safari-2.png 
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    2010-06-01 09:06 PM
  5. nypunk's Avatar
    can i get an icon made for the L5 remote app from the app store
    L5 Remote for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
    2010-06-02 03:12 AM
  6. Darkness777's Avatar
    nypunk your RQ
    Attached Images iElegance Icons-l5-remote.png 
    2010-06-02 06:31 AM
  7. jonny78's Avatar
    This icons please.THX

    2010-06-02 09:12 PM
  8. Darkness777's Avatar
    jonny your RQ
    Attached Images iElegance Icons-037824.png iElegance Icons-368649.png iElegance Icons-368893.png iElegance Icons-487826.png iElegance Icons-490369.png iElegance Icons-601303.png iElegance Icons-639240.png iElegance Icons-830174.png iElegance Icons-842468.png iElegance Icons-calcolatrice.png iElegance Icons-calendar19.png iElegance Icons-fotoj.png iElegance Icons-gamesn.png iElegance Icons-gpsphone4.png iElegance Icons-ipod20.png 
    2010-06-02 09:32 PM
  9. Darkness777's Avatar
    jonny your RQ [2]
    Attached Images iElegance Icons-ipodalt.png iElegance Icons-ipodb.png iElegance Icons-liveclock.png iElegance Icons-stocks16.png iElegance Icons-vwallpaper.png 
    2010-06-02 09:33 PM
  10. jonny78's Avatar

    Big Thanks for the icons looks great.
    2010-06-03 06:34 AM
  11. p3aceandlove's Avatar
    Hey All Im wondering if someone could help me. Im loving the pro theme..... i would like to if possible try change couple little details. the battery, the signal and the wifi symbols.

    Is there anyway of changing these too give me a different look?

    thanks all! and awsome work BARS!
    2010-06-03 01:15 PM
  12. The Architect's Avatar
    im using the "categories" app, some of my icons in the categories folder are iElegance style icons, but others are not. how can i change those icons to look like the iElegance style icons.
    my other prob is, IMBd app, which i have in a categories foler. i have noticed that the iElegance style icon for this app is in the icon foler of iElegance Pro theme, why hasnt the icon changed? from normal to iElegance style icon.
    can someone help?


    Hello populace, Iím probing for these ielegance pro icons
    Could somebody facilitate me with this? 

    FaceGoo Lite
    Foxtel Guide
    Greek Orthodox Calendar Lite
    iFirstAid Lite
    IMDb Movies & TV
    South Africa 2010 Tracker
    Metlink Melbourne
    Radio Greece
    SAS Survival Guide
    White pages Australia
    National Geographic World Atlas
    Yellow pages Australia
    Finger foos
    The Idiot Test 3
    The Simpsons Arcade
    Unblock Me Free
    Whereís Wally? The Fantastic Journey
    Convert Units for Free
    Emoji Free!
    Virgin Mobile Usage
    Bluetooth Photo Share
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    2010-06-04 10:10 AM
  13. Darkness777's Avatar
    bro give me at least skreenshots these applications
    2010-06-04 10:18 AM
  14. The Architect's Avatar
    ok here are some screen shots.
    Attached Thumbnails iElegance Icons-img_0053.png   iElegance Icons-img_0054.png   iElegance Icons-img_0055.png   iElegance Icons-img_0056.png   iElegance Icons-img_0057.png  
    2010-06-04 10:50 AM
  15. The Architect's Avatar
    any chance of making those icons mirrored with colour please?
    2010-06-04 10:53 AM
  16. Darkness777's Avatar
    The Architect RQ icons
    Attached Images iElegance Icons-.png iElegance Icons-3g-unrestrictor.png iElegance Icons-agingbooth.png iElegance Icons-bluetooth-photo-share.png iElegance Icons-convert-units-free.png iElegance Icons-emoji-free.png iElegance Icons-facegoo-lite.png iElegance Icons-finger-foos.png iElegance Icons-foxtel-guide.png iElegance Icons-greek-orthodox-calendar-lite.png iElegance Icons-ifirstaid-lite.png iElegance Icons-imdb-movies-tv.png iElegance Icons-metlink-melbourne.png iElegance Icons-national-geographic-world-atlas.png iElegance Icons-radio-greece.png 
    2010-06-04 11:14 AM
  17. Darkness777's Avatar
    The Architect RQ icons [2]
    Attached Images iElegance Icons-sas-survival-guide.png iElegance Icons-south-africa-2010-tracker.png iElegance Icons-street-fight-iv.png iElegance Icons-idiot-test-3.png iElegance Icons-simpsons-arcade.png iElegance Icons-unblock-me-free.png iElegance Icons-virgin-mobile-usage.png iElegance Icons-white-pages-australia.png iElegance Icons-yellow-pages-australia.png 
    2010-06-04 11:15 AM
  18. The Architect's Avatar
    Awesome thanks so much for that, I just have a few more, I'll post the screenshot in a bit, your a legend!
    2010-06-04 12:24 PM
  19. The Architect's Avatar
    heres the screen shot.
    by the way the wheres wally one (i cant save for some reason) can you send it again please?

    AFL Supercoach
    Camera Pro +
    MMM Footy Lite

    thanks heaps agian....
    Attached Thumbnails iElegance Icons-img_0202.png  
    2010-06-04 12:36 PM
  20. Darkness777's Avatar
    RQ again
    Attached Images iElegance Icons-unknown.png iElegance Icons-1.png iElegance Icons-2.png iElegance Icons-3.png iElegance Icons-4.png 
    2010-06-04 12:42 PM
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