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  1. ir0nman's Avatar
    this is my first real attempt at a theme. (this isnt really a theme... more of a modd of reeco's original iNav final.)

    Please tell me what i have done wrong/needs improvement/is good.

    icons are originally by toffeenut of deviantart

    i used supreme preferences 3.0 to get six icon dock

    also on every iNav (in the middle a the top) i added multiple invisible spring
    jumps to the seventh page. Sort of like a favourites page.

    i also realise that that there are still some faults to ironed out( cydia icon, internet icon at the bottom)

    oh... i apologize because the screnshots are out of order
    iNav Neon Green theme-picture-011.png

    iNav Neon Green theme-picture-006.png

    iNav Neon Green theme-picture-007.png

    iNav Neon Green theme-picture-009.png

    iNav Neon Green theme-picture-008.png

    iNav Neon Green theme-picture-010.png

    iNav Neon Green theme-picture-012.png

    please tell of what you think
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    2009-07-15 03:54 PM
  2. stickman1000000's Avatar
    looks good but it is sort of an old idea

    like the neon effect

    i would have to test it to see if i like it tho
    2009-07-15 04:25 PM

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