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  1. HackySack172's Avatar
    I tried to install the inav final blue version onto my iphone using iphonebrowser(exactly like sshing but pluged in). and it showed up in my winterboard.But when i click on the theme, the phone resprings, but then the theme doesnt show up. PLEASE HELP!! what am i doing wrong. im craving the inav.
    2009-07-16 12:29 AM
  2. cpjr's Avatar
    Its not in the proper folder under /Themes. Make sure the theme content isnt in a subfolder.
    2009-07-16 01:00 AM
  3. HackySack172's Avatar
    Which folder should it be in?

    i put it in var/stash/themes. then i even changed the theme name to inavblue.theme. that didnt work either. someone said something about changing a permission to 755. how would i go about doing that on iphonebrowser?
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    2009-07-16 09:31 PM
  4. tron2005's Avatar
    Installed iNAV from cydia and works well (after a bit of setting up) but unfortunately there's NO large icon for the "My SMS" screen.

    All the other large icons are there... Contact, Email, Internet, Media, Photo, Games and Apps but not a "My SMS" icon to be seen anywhere.

    What gives here ??
    2009-09-27 01:54 AM
  5. HackySack172's Avatar
    The problem is you have to change the name of it from text to messages using a file manager from cydia like ifile or something just search
    2009-09-27 05:30 PM
  6. Airwolf1's Avatar
    Hey guys, I have a iphone 3gs with 3.1.2. I have searched you tube endlessly trying to fnd inav bomber. I finally found it but Cydia does not have it anymore so how do I go about installing inav on my phone? Please help Thanks
    2009-10-23 04:38 PM