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    hey all i am new to the iphones, all the acronyms, progies, headaches and processes of jailbreaking. But i build pc's and used to map for games so maybe this will not be hard to catch onto.

    here is my prob. i hated the fact of HAVING to get my apps from apple then realizing you can jailbreak, so here is my porb.
    jailbroke with redsnow and a 3g 8gb new iphone after i updated to 3.0 soft/firmware.i do not have 3g in my area and i have to go to a store and use there wi-fi. i downloaded apps and such through cydia, then i noticed there were essential updates. when i tried to update without wi-fi or 3-g the update acted as if it was partial and this caused all my apps to not respond, went to at&t store used there wi-fi and did the updates had to uninstall one free app from apple then reinstall and all my apps worked then. well today i was downloading themes and noticed cydia had updates to two apps through them or itself(notsure) but i now i did not manually try to update. after the themes installed i noticed the RED 2 icon on cydia for updates was gone. now it will act like it is going to load cydia but goes back to the home screen.i have terminal to do like the command runs, but not savy enough to know what to do. i have re-jailbroke twice, once with install of cydia, one without. same results cydia is there but will not open. This ice program is there no way for me to get it on a pc then to itunes and then to iphone?? or am i going to have to restore then load everything again? i have two paid games through at&t and do not want to loose them. can i back up all my "free" apps to install later and should i not use cydia but ice?
    and last in theory could i not hook up my router to a high speed internet connection and use it as wi-fi

    sorry this is a long first post but wanted to get it "all out" lol. anywho, all thoughts are appreciated.


    oh yes is there a place to read up on all the lingo on how to do what to do and what terms mean?

    once again thanks in advance! sorry to be so lost


    ok i got an email back from Mr. jay, this is his response

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