1. chrisrotolo's Avatar
    someone please help me explain this, I am not new to modding and hacking. I have a j/b 3.0 3G 8GB refurb. vwall/wringingtones doesnt work on my 3.0, it opens and crashes to springboard because I dont think it has been ported. Somehow I still have a video ringtone, I dont think I had this video previously. Im not complaining I dont like the video, but Id like to know where it is , maybe I can add another one. Thanks.
    2009-07-19 06:20 PM
  2. jetlorider's Avatar
    as of this moment the vwallpaper app is not fully updated to run well with 3.0 firmware....so you gotta wait for them to update some more...might takes months but it will be done soon. Dont expect all jailbreak apps to work with 3.0...that's what you get when new firmware is release....number one rule...never update when a NEW firmware is release or expect a new firmware to work with 3rd party apps...wait a little.

    Some people might have vwallpaper working for them on 3.0....so it just vary from iphones to iphones or they did something else to make it work.
    2009-07-19 06:52 PM
  3. chrisrotolo's Avatar
    i hear ya man, what Im saying though is I have a video ringtone after an update and restore to 3.0, probably before I even downloaded vwallpaper and vwallpaper hasnt worked for me once on 3.0 it opens and crashes 2 seconds later, Im curious to where I can find this video and how is it really working??its not that bad, its a dance video I dont think I ever put it on there although its vaguely familiar, strange any thoughts dude??
    2009-07-20 04:30 AM