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    Ok so I upgraded to 3.0 a while ago. I made a copy of the Calendar.sqlitedb file from 2.1 so that I could transfer all the dates from my calendar, but when I put the file into the 3.0 firmware (var/mobile/Library/Calendar) and attempted to open Calendar on my ipod, an apple loading screen appeared, the springboard refreshed, and the dates did NOT transfer. Are the .sqlitedb's formatted differently between the 2 firmwares?

    Also, I tried opening the .sqlitedb file with an editor to see all the dates so that I could manually transfer them. Everything's there, but the start and end dates for each event are in some 9 digit code that I absolutely could not figure out. ARggggg, Apple...

    Any help would be appreciated, whether it applies to transferring the db file or to manually transferring the dates (by deciphering that code).

    2009-07-20 02:32 AM