1. kingchkn's Avatar
    Anybody have the original contacts.png? I would like that one better for the bar rather than the undocked one. OR post what any of you are using. Thanks. Great work by the way.
    2009-10-14 06:56 PM
  2. spiccand's Avatar
    If you need the original contacts.png, you just need to delete it and the original one will appear once restarted.
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    2009-10-14 08:07 PM
  3. kingchkn's Avatar
    If that is done the default size comes back. I was hoping that someone had a smaller version to fit the dock or maybe a custom one that fits. Thanks though.
    2009-10-14 08:22 PM
  4. spiccand's Avatar
    I will try tomorrow if you don't have answer before
    2009-10-14 08:33 PM
  5. kingchkn's Avatar
    Awesome. Thanks. I've tried a couple times just can't seem to get the spot right

    EDIT: Just got it figured out
    Attached Images **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-contacts.png 
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    2009-10-14 08:38 PM
  6. Trist@n's Avatar
    Here you are:
    - Sentinel: Mars Defense
    - Kindle for iPhone


    - Blackra1n (which may be usefull these days)
    - GuitarToolkit
    Looks great Spiccand...you did a super job and helped me complete my theme!!!
    2009-10-14 09:29 PM
  7. spiccand's Avatar
    Always a pleasure to help
    2009-10-14 10:12 PM
  8. toyvan's Avatar
    Looks great Spiccand...you did a super job and helped me complete my theme!!!

    I thought ur theme was "complete" 2 weeks ago??!! lol ..c'mon [email protected], we own iPhones w/ 75,000+ apps to choose from, our theme is never complete!
    2009-10-14 11:14 PM
  9. chotu's Avatar
    hii.. i cant get the battery thing for this theme.. didnt came wiht the cydia download of goc colour theme.. ani help plz n thank you
    2009-10-14 11:50 PM
  10. alohawaii's Avatar
    Can someone please create me this icon.

    Coastal Def.
    2009-10-15 12:24 AM
  11. dani31's Avatar
    Hi alohawaii,

    here you are your icon "Coastal Def."
    Attached Images **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-coastal-def..png 
    2009-10-15 12:35 AM
  12. mrnatas18's Avatar
    Abaia, AccuWeather, DoodleBuddy, iServe, Remote, Truphone, SketchBookX
    Attached Images **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-abaia.png **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-accuweather.png **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-doodlebuddy.png **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-iserve.png **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-remote.png **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-truphone.png **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-sketchbookx.png 
    2009-10-15 01:57 AM
  13. mrnatas18's Avatar
    dropbox icon
    Attached Images **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-dropbox.png 
    2009-10-15 02:16 AM
  14. toyvan's Avatar
    hii.. i cant get the battery thing for this theme.. didnt came wiht the cydia download of goc colour theme.. ani help plz n thank you

    yes, it only appears on the lockscreen when ur phone is actively charging...if it's not showing up, then I'm not sure what to tell u ...sorry
    2009-10-15 03:44 AM
  15. Trist@n's Avatar
    I thought ur theme was "complete" 2 weeks ago??!! lol ..c'mon [email protected], we own iPhones w/ 75,000+ apps to choose from, our theme is never complete!
    Actually if you read that post I stated I had one more file to send but wanted to check and make sure they were not created yet. I do not buy many apps anymore. After have 500+ in iTunes...I have stopped. I may purchase one per month now as I have the ones I use and they work. I also am practicing and trying to make my own and eventually when they meet my quality specs then I will help you in addition to all the questions I answer.

    But you are right, I still tweak things here and there, and changes will always keep it "fresh"!
    2009-10-15 04:24 AM
  16. toyvan's Avatar
    Just put a link on my first post to a good source for original app icons...click HERE and then just search for the app name ...hopefully this makes it easier for some..cheers!
    2009-10-15 06:42 AM
  17. Ashanx's Avatar
    I have some requests here
    Attached Images **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-scorchicon.png **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-logo_80x44.png **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-isayicon.png **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-iphoneus2.png **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-icon_orng.png **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-icon-23-.png **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-icon-22-.png **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-icon-20-.png **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-icon-21-.png **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-icon-19-.png **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-icon-18-.png **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-icon-17-.png **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-icon-16-.png **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-icon-14-.png **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-icon-13-.png 
    2009-10-15 08:11 AM
  18. Ashanx's Avatar
    And yet more. I really appreciate anything that you all can help me with here. I would try myself however my artistic eye is not as good as I see some of you are here. I again thank you in advance!!!!
    Attached Thumbnails **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-f4m.png  
    Attached Images **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-icon-12-.png **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-icon-11-.png **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-icon-10-.png **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-icon-9-.png **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-icon-7-.png **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-icon-6-.png **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-icon-5-.png **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-icon-4-.png **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-icon-2-.png **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-icon-3-.png **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-icon.png **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-icon-24-.png **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-icon-15-.png 
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    2009-10-15 08:15 AM
  19. Ashanx's Avatar
    I was also wondering if someone could make a themed icon. that can be used in conjuction with glass color. What this would be is that it would have an elongated horizotal icon bubble like the one on the dialer screen that can be place on any row. Inside it you could have it show current time, date and current weather. You could have current news off your favorite rss. Or even 5 day forecast. You can have tweekable settings. Plus the ability to place multiple icons on your spring board.
    Reason for this is because I currently use Vwallpapers because I think they are flippin' fantastic. As shown in my .gif image I made. The current configuration of G.O.C pro's wallpaper screen is canceled out by it. I think this would be an awesome thing to have for the main reason you can use it for so many different applications. I would definitely pay $ for something like that. I thank-you all again for your time. Take care!!
    Attached Thumbnails **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-screen.gif.gif   **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-dialerlcd.png  
    2009-10-15 09:33 AM
  20. BepMused's Avatar
    Just wanted to say thank heaps to ToyVan for this fantastic theme.

    Been playing around with a few icons and thought I'd share.
    Attached Images **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-appvee.png **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-aussie-rules-live.png **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-ivirginusage.png **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-wired-frame.png **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-underworld.png **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-reqall.png **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-radiobox.png **Glass Orb Color** Theme By ToyVan-pro-b-ball.png 
    2009-10-15 09:41 AM
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