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    so good I got a cease & desist!

    While legally I cannot contribute to this theme, it still lives on in this thread by other forum members

    Attached Thumbnails [RELEASE] PRE-tentious with Daily Builds-ce9bf8e0.jpg   [RELEASE] PRE-tentious with Daily Builds-fb448657.jpg   [RELEASE] PRE-tentious with Daily Builds-9b25f48c.jpg  
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    2009-07-22 10:21 PM
  2. warpig's Avatar
    This is the best Pre theme i've seen to date and very easy to set up, well done
    2009-07-23 07:33 AM
  3. EddieLeonard's Avatar
    nice work

    is a 3g or 3gs theme?

    what i mean is does it run smothly on 3g
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    2009-07-23 03:01 PM
  4. karesake's Avatar
    Normaly Theme, The Screen is Only when "Phone" is Loading ... :-(
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    2009-07-23 04:39 PM
  5. jl_06's Avatar
    great theme !
    2009-07-23 05:26 PM
  6. veruu's Avatar
    How do i install this theme?
    2009-07-23 07:04 PM
  7. Zehlek's Avatar
    Looks good. Any chance of of making a Palm Per Weathericon?

    Also possible a Liveclock as well
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    2009-07-23 07:37 PM
  8. UZU309's Avatar
    nice additions to an already great theme.
    2009-07-23 09:14 PM
  9. mrpunk2u's Avatar
    thanks! But i dont really see this as that much of an addition. There arent many prefection files here

    Todays build - (check first post for latest build)

    Changes: activity icons (try refreshing mail or deleting a message and watch) some camera artwork, rounded headers in mail, sms, calendars

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    2009-07-24 08:41 AM
  10. BenzoHartt's Avatar
    This is as good as it gets. I don't have a Pre but it makes my iPhone feel like something familiar but completely different. Great Job!
    2009-07-24 04:05 PM
  11. djbattaglia's Avatar
    hey so i SSH the them into my phone the 0723 and i dont have no rounded headers WTF?
    2009-07-24 06:46 PM
  12. lil red wagon's Avatar
    Yeah, i just installed this from Cydia, looks great. Love ebl's, and hoping you update some of your wallpapers, cuz what you are showing in the thread is awesome.
    2009-07-25 05:10 AM
    Oops. Let me try the latest build. LOVE THIS THEME.
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    2009-07-25 08:43 AM
  14. StealthBravo's Avatar
    Looks pretty neat
    2009-07-25 08:54 AM
  15. mrpunk2u's Avatar
    I do have to say this is the best I've done so far (yes i'm proud) - check first post for latest build
    Safari- url bar & loading, rounded top,
    Icons: Pandora, Safari updated
    sms: progress bar/fill
    volume up/down

    Major Changes:
    now you can change insert your own Wallpaper.png (by SSH into theme) and it will automatically round the corners and shade the following 5 pages (to add more shaded pages, copy Page1.png and rename it Page6.png and so forth)

    Lockscreen automatically adds rounded corners and shade (it does disable the battery charging screen but who really looks at that?)
    To add your own lockscreen, SSH into the main Pretentious theme and replace the LockBackground.png with your own 480x320 png (NOT JPG)

    Phone-while in a call, the screen for speakers/mute/add call etc, is all new and quite pretty. Also the bottom row of the dialer is completely redone, and there is no longer a visible line underneath.

    Tomorrow I will probably work on icons and add templates so you can make your own icons if you have 2 cents worth of photoshop skills
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    2009-07-25 10:29 AM
  16. fleadog99's Avatar
    do we still have to use spring jumps? there is no icons on my spring jumps anymore.
    2009-07-25 07:29 PM
  17. callmetj's Avatar
    i just have a minor icon request even though you're providing a icon template...could you possible make a iblank,beejive,files (like a different colored folder),and a games icon

    its a custom folder via categories i didnt create the folder yet cause i have no icon...i like all me icons to match b4 i have them visible
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    2009-07-25 09:01 PM
  18. mrpunk2u's Avatar
    i dont use beejive so i hope its named correctly
    You need to name the twitter icon to whatever you use (Tweetdeck, Tweetie, Twittelator, etc)

    (these will be included in tonights build)
    Attached Images [RELEASE] PRE-tentious with Daily Builds-beejiveim.png [RELEASE] PRE-tentious with Daily Builds-loopt.png [RELEASE] PRE-tentious with Daily Builds-twitter.png [RELEASE] PRE-tentious with Daily Builds-ihart-radio.png [RELEASE] PRE-tentious with Daily Builds-skype.png 
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    2009-07-25 09:35 PM
  19. lil red wagon's Avatar
    Oh man, just ssh'd this into my phone... i love it!!
    2009-07-25 09:46 PM
  20. callmetj's Avatar
    Beejive, loopt icons:
    i dont use beejive so i hope its named correctly

    (these will be included in tonights build)
    thnx for the beenjive

    i have one more request for a iheartradio icon
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    2009-07-25 10:04 PM
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