1. HTKnightq's Avatar
    If you're going to convert,may I make a request that you convert the Chronium Keyboard?
    2009-08-31 12:45 AM
  2. StealthBravo's Avatar
    I like that one too. I was going to start with the Storm one.
    2009-08-31 12:49 AM
  3. HTKnightq's Avatar
    That's fine.I'm just glad you're doing this at all.I mean it's too complicated for me so much appreciation.
    2009-08-31 12:51 AM
  4. armadillo's Avatar
    So has anyone tried the WB theme approach? What I mean by that is to make a bundle theme for iAccess. This would really help swapping keyboards.

    @marvin378: Can you check your PM please?
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    2009-08-31 03:04 AM
  5. HTKnightq's Avatar
    Bundles!Ah I tried and it failed.I forgot that I needed to put it in a Bundles folder though.I'll try again and report back.
    Edit:Wait,if it's in bundles wouldn't it require a com. folder too?If you can give me all the folder names I'll try it out...
    2009-08-31 03:11 AM
  6. StealthBravo's Avatar
    I have been looking at both iacess and itypefastr files. itypefastr uses the same framework as iacess. It looks like you could edit the .ini files from itypefastr to use the standard layout like iacess does.

    Also I don't see where it would be possible to add the default dictionary to one of these replacement keyboards.
    2009-08-31 03:13 AM
  7. HTKnightq's Avatar
    Hmm..is the default dictionary included with the default keyboard?I've heard that the keyboard might be in a .strings files so this might actually not be possible...unless we can bundle the keyboard and the dictioanry,locate the original .strings,and replace that...
    2009-08-31 03:15 AM
  8. armadillo's Avatar
    To test the WB theme approach, you need to have the following structure:

    .../Themes/KeyboardName/Bundles/com.iaccess.whatever(check info.plist in iAccess for that)/images/
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    2009-08-31 03:22 AM
  9. HTKnightq's Avatar
    Ahh...I thought you would need something like com.apple.keyboard or something of that sort.I'll try it out now.
    2009-08-31 03:57 AM
  10. armadillo's Avatar
    Make sure you first revert to the stock appearance of iAccess (reboot if necessary) and verify that the original iAccess keyboard is there. Then create the keyboard theme as listed above. Again, reboot if necessary, since iAccess may cache keyboards as well.

    I just checked. You need the following structure


    Just put the modded keyboard files into the images dir.
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    2009-08-31 04:12 AM
  11. tekboi504's Avatar
    I hope winterboard updates soon. I have the "Perfect Storm" theme installed on my iphone and it's almost PERFECT.. except for the keyboard. Hopefully the next WB update includes a keyboard update. I rather not have to SSH into my phone and all of that jazz. Totally unnecessary.

    Black Keys for the Win?

    maybe there are some 3.0 compatible keyboards floating around somewhere. I sure haven't been able to find them though
    2009-08-31 06:21 AM
  12. armadillo's Avatar
    I realize that this is your first post and you are new here. But please take a minute to first read this post on the state of keyboard modding:


    There will be no WinterBoard keyboard themes.

    Saurik himself has abandoned that.
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    2009-08-31 06:35 AM
  13. slidingmike's Avatar
    Yeah check his Twitter. There's not enough legacy support to continue in 3.X but I do wonder this, if we can do this in iacces couldn't he modify winterboard to replace the file with a theme compatible automatically? I'm new at coding and everything seems possible to me so any ideas?
    2009-08-31 01:11 PM
  14. armadillo's Avatar
    I have looked into iAcces and I have to say that I/m totaly disappointed. This does not replace the default keyboards one by one. For example, there are only 2 landscape keyboards (abc and 123), but the the 123 keyboard serves as a dual keyboard for the special chars.
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    2009-08-31 05:00 PM
  15. HTKnightq's Avatar
    Actually,it's com.iAcces.iAcces3x. :P It doesn't work though...
    2009-09-01 02:11 AM
  16. armadillo's Avatar
    Hmmm... I don't think that is correct. My info.plist file looks like this:

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    2009-09-01 03:15 AM
  17. HTKnightq's Avatar
    I checked in Cydia.I went to the page for it and it showed com.iAcces.iAcces3x
    2009-09-01 03:19 AM
  18. armadillo's Avatar
    Yeah, I can see that in Cydia as well, but that is the package ID. The relevant bundle ID is in the info.plist of the app itself and that is what counts. While in many cases these IDs are the same, they need not be. Please try with the proper bundle ID of com.iacces.iAcces
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    2009-09-01 03:34 AM
  19. HTKnightq's Avatar
    Okay.Is it com.iacces.iAcces or com.iAcces.iAcces?If the case matters anyways.
    2009-09-01 04:07 AM
  20. armadillo's Avatar
    Not sure if case matters, but the correct ID is: com.iacces.iAcces
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    2009-09-01 04:41 AM
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