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    this is a theme i will be working when im on holiday cuz i wont have any wifi yay

    anyway SCREENIES!!!!!

    i kno wit just looks like a image done in photoshop but it does work

    info about the theme
    along the dock ther will is springjumps 1 - 4 that will link to pages phone, media, apps and games.
    and on the top of each page (not including page 0 (i will have widgets on that page)) there will be 3 blanks and spring jump 0 (will need sshing)
    and on "apps" and "games" page there will have a spring jump to eaither page 5 or 6(springjump 5 will be on apps page and springjump 6 will be on games page
    and thats about it

    tell me if you like it if you dont like and what could be changed, taken out or improved
    ohh and i need some ideas for names
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    2009-07-25 12:49 PM