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    Wow, and my comment wasn't even directed at you. First, I never say "stole", because that's a pretty arrogant thing to say to someone. Second, Eurisko is simply Greek for "I discover things" so I guess I "stole" my name from the Greek Language. I see your point, and I'm guessing my point just went streaming over your head.
    Fair enough, but it seemed targetted at me.

    Im just getting fed up with only people on this site (all other sites have given a positive respone) saying I stole the idea etc etc, when you just have to look at the Denolch themes and how every one of them are more identical that mine to the Hero theme...

    Nothing has been intentionally stolen, and as I mentioned before, I hadn't even seen the Hero theme until someone mentioned it on here
    2009-07-28 08:02 PM
  2. Ad1tya's Avatar
    Calm down mate. It looks great, and thats what matter .
    2009-07-29 12:11 AM
  3. Evostance's Avatar
    Version 0.3 out now. Minor update, no need to download if you already have it installed!. See first post
    2009-08-01 02:08 PM
  4. 1SLaMNiSsANTiTaN's Avatar
    very nice!! are u going to release an iphone theme also thnx

    "Friends Don't Let Friends Drive Stock"
    2009-08-02 12:55 AM
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