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  1. bigrednewton's Avatar
    Hey guys, sorry if this has been asked before, but how do I change the color of the lockscreen font?

    I assume it's an html file, but I'm not to good with editing those.

    Appreciate it!
    2009-07-29 01:02 AM
  2. iTJ's Avatar
    Here's a thread I found. It only changes the clock color , but it might help out. I haven't tested it on 3.0.
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    2009-07-29 06:42 PM
  3. bigrednewton's Avatar
    yeah, read through that one, but I was hoping to keep the PRO font and just change the color. thanks though.
    2009-07-29 09:56 PM
  4. santaf's Avatar
    what part of the lockscreen do you want to change? maybe i can help you i've changed my whole lockscreen pretty much
    2009-07-31 01:02 AM
  5. bigrednewton's Avatar
    I would like to change the actual clock and calendar color. Like if I wanted a light or white wallpaper I could have black clock and calendar font. Make sense?
    2009-07-31 04:34 AM
  6. santaf's Avatar
    yeah makes sense i know of one way but unfortunately there are some downfalls it's done by making your own widget that's the only way to change the color. one downfall is that it's annoying to change the background image, and also i dont know how tochange the date on the lockscreen sorry just the clock. another is that when you plug in your phone it wont show the battery charging but if you don't care about that then coolbeans i'll b ehappy to give you the files and tell you what to change i've tried figuring out writing a widget for the date but it would show to the side of the clock and run off the screen and i coudlnt' get it i was just winging it i don't know how to completely program yet haha.

    edit: i just noticed that the thing the other person showed you is what i was gonna tell you about but you can do any font you want
    2009-07-31 04:40 AM
  7. bigrednewton's Avatar
    yeah, I think I know what you are talking about. I would like to have the battery unfortunately.

    Maybe I'm asking for something that can't be done at this point.
    2009-07-31 05:01 AM
  8. santaf's Avatar
    yeah it can't be done sorry i've looked everywhere recently for this haha
    2009-07-31 05:05 AM
  9. bigrednewton's Avatar

    take a look at this home of the two pics. you can see the black font. It really pisses me off!
    2009-07-31 05:13 AM
  10. santaf's Avatar
    haha yeah but i'm sure that is a widget thing too just like what we would have to do
    2009-07-31 09:02 AM