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    I finally managed to extract all of the Fallout 2 sound effects from the .dat file and change the bitrate to make this theme.

    There's already a Fallout 3 sound theme, but y'know... **** Fallout 3.

    You'll notice this is only a zipped folder of the .caf files. I didn't want to put this in the download section, because I'm hoping someone will see it and want to package it for Cydia. I would, but I don't have a Linux install. I've manually entered these into my phone with iPhoneBrowser and I think they work really well.

    If any FO2 fan wants to create a Cydia package, feel free. Just give me some credit, if you'd be so kind.

    If anyone wants to see other sounds added, just let me know. I still have the extracted files and I'd be glad to add to the theme.

    I might eventually create a visual theme to go with it. If someone feels like working with me on the packaging, I'm sure it would speed up the process.
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    Nice. what's wrong with fallout 3? lol
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