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    Does anyone know how to make the semi-transparent background behind these icons? Or know where I can find one similar to it? I think the person who made it is making use of the multiple wallpaper feature in winterboard naming it Page0.png, Page1.png etc, so it can be layed over on top of the main wallpaper. Can anyone help?

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    what theme is it? can you attatch it onto here? i don't think it's what you think cause that changes the backgrounds of each page not layers over eachother unless i'm missing something about how it works and also it seems to stop on the last row of icons there has to be something that tells it to do this i dunno
    2009-08-06 07:18 AM
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    I don't have the theme. I saw the screenshot and couldn't get a hold of the theme-maker. The transparent rectangle is made within a clear 320 x 480 wallpaper layer. so when you ssh it into a theme and name it Page0.png etc, it shows up on top of the main wallpaper, and under the icons. I've done it before. the multiple wallpaper function in winterboard just acts like an overlay on top of the main one. If you place a complete 320 x 480 wallpaper and name it Page0.png it just covers the entire main Wallpaper.png.

    Got what I was looking of at ipodtouchfans. This thread can be closed.
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