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    hey guys,
    okay so last night i jailbroke my phone and im running 3.0, which seems to be fine. Last night i was able to download everything fine, but i ran into a couple problems. For one, all the keyboard themes i downloaded into winterboard for some reason wont show up, ill find one i like a and check it off. Yet my keyboard doesnt change. why?!
    Two, last night for whatever reason my phone started acting up and it would go into safe mode, and no matter what i did it would stay in that mode. why? so this morning i had to restore my phone than jailbreak again..

    The biggest problem im haveing now is that today i havnt been able to download anything at all from cydia. Everytime i try it comes up with "error" "host unreachble" things like that.

    why cant i download anything now??? (if you can help me out with the other problems, itd be great)

    -thanks greatly appreciated
    2009-08-02 09:47 PM