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    i install mobilesubstrate and follow the beta guide ..

    Put these archives on your iPhone (e.g.: /tmp/)
    then exec (in ssh):
    cd /tmp/
    dpkg -i SkrewCommon155.deb vWallpaper110.deb

    if reboot i get this error (see pic)

    ive tried it with and without Sbsettings installed

    i was able to install it on my 3g fine but i keep getting this screen and have to restore every time i try to install vwallpaper. i have tried both the 3.0 & 3.0.1 OS same screen on all the installs i have tried. i am forced to do a restore every time because all i have is the status bar. any help would be appreciated !!3

    ** Update ** i now have also tried Vwallpaper with a second 3GS and i get this same screen.
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    2009-08-04 06:39 AM
  2. mike1114's Avatar
    Do you have winterboard? You might have a wallpaper or something that is overriding Vwallpaper.
    2009-08-06 12:05 AM
  3. eightem's Avatar
    i dont have winterboard installed. besides the ultrsn0w and mobile substrate its one of the first applications i try and put onto the phone because i had the phone all loaded up and ready to go and then i recieved this screen. so i tried it everyway i could think of
    2009-08-06 02:03 AM