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    Well I've been searching this web and google and I can't seem to find the theme I attached. Does anyone happen to have it? I'm trying to backup my friend's iphone and she has that theme. Unfortunately, her iphone is a 2G 1.1.4 software and I can't even ssh, diskaid, iphonesuitetunnel or w/e it at all. So can someone with a backup of this theme share it? Please and thank you D:.
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    2009-08-08 07:01 AM
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    Can't you just enter winterboard in your friends phone and Check what the theme is and why on the world is the firmware still 1.1.4!?

    Oh I just found a very similar one...



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    2009-08-08 09:30 AM
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    Haha she had installer instead of cydia....and didn't even have winterboard >_<. Plus, her friend unlocked/jailbreaked her iphone like in the beginning of 08' and she's horrible with tech stuff....so yeah After like hours of googling and what not I just went into the installer app and saw what it was called plainly "Hello Kitty" LUCKILY it had the author on it and as soon as I googled him I found it . Thanks anyways ^_^ for some reason I guess it was removed from cydia. Anyone who's desperately trying to find it like I was here :] hxxp://dustlonely.blogbus.com/
    2009-08-08 03:06 PM