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    i found vwallpapers in this page
    Apple Forums & iPhone Forums, Mods, Hacks, News, Themes, Downloads, and more! | ModMyi.com - Downloads - (HQ) Marine Aquarium (1:03 - 3.53 mbits/sec)

    is there a way to convert them to mp4 once downloaded so I can use it with winterboard?
    2009-08-09 09:34 AM
  2. ALL DAY's Avatar
    Yessir. You can use Handbrake if you have a Mac, which is free and easy...

    For Windows, google it; I'm sure there's a free equivalent for that as well.
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    2009-08-09 09:37 AM
  3. gary86's Avatar
    ok cool got the program now how the heck do you use it?
    2009-08-09 09:50 AM
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    It's pretty easy if you're familiar with the stuff. If not, search for a tutorial on google, I'm sure there's a ton and they'll be able to help.
    Respect your elders.
    2009-08-09 09:51 AM
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    there's a several on you tube that I've watched also.
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    2009-08-09 09:56 AM
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    Yeah well I found a program and it is now converted to mp4. I have one from cydia called "city lights" so i basically just made a copy of it from ssh and took out the city lights video and added the marine aquarium video. But it didn't work. Since vwallpaper doesn't work with 3.0.1 I figuered someone could tell me where in SSH i should put this. right now i had it in



    ok it's converted...I need a lil help here
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    2009-08-10 07:04 AM