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  1. JGabriel's Avatar
    Hi, guys! I have recentelly installed the INAV CrazyBlack1 Theme and everything seemed to be working just fine, but today I tried to use iPhone's safari browser and noticed that the button used to skip from page to page, when u have more than one page in use, is missing...there is no way to manage them and the browser keeps opening new pages everytime u click on one the end, u have too many pages opened without being able to close them...Does anyone is using the same theme? Is there a solution?

    I'm posting a printscreen from the iPhone showing the safari browser and the forementioned issue...there is no graphic key to shift from pages:
    Attached Thumbnails INAV CrazyBlack1 Theme Safari related problem-img_0153.png  
    2009-08-12 05:52 AM
  2. StealthBravo's Avatar
    Mine looked the same way but after they updated safari download manager the other day, it has looked fine
    2009-08-12 06:33 AM
  3. deenice's Avatar
    hi i cant get to work every time i install something it say no macth trying to get crazyBlack1
    2009-09-09 04:18 PM