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    You people scares me I just send the mail today.
    2011-01-15 01:52 AM
  2. area51crypto's Avatar
    You people scares me I just send the mail today.
    Hope you have better luck as he has still not replied to the email I sent him.
    2011-01-15 01:55 AM
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    Due to this linked device method, i can't sell my 3gs iphone away as i don't want other people to use my paid and future apps. Saurik should setup a server like apple whereby you have to sign in in order to access your paid apps.

    I also noticed my intelliscreen, myprofile and all those previously rocks apps which allow only one device at a time, someone has been accessing my apps whcih i have sold the device a while ago and i have to keep downloading the license onto my device if someone made a download of these apps again. This is very frustrating indeed. Hopefully Saurik can solve this issue as soon as possible.
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    2011-06-11 10:45 PM
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    I know this is reviving a very old thread, but I wanted to post here to help anyone newly running into this problem:

    Cydia Store licenses currently do not have absolute device limits - instead there is a rate limit, which means that you may not be able to add additional devices right away, but if you wait, you will be able to add more devices.

    You can't currently unlink a device from a Cydia ID. After you restore a device and sell it (for example), the new user can jailbreak it and then install existing Cydia purchases associated with that device, but they have absolutely no access to your Google/Facebook/Amazon/PayPal accounts or other personal information.

    If you've bought a product sold outside of the Cydia Store system with a custom payment system designed and controlled by that author (such as LockInfo, biteSMS, iBlacklist, PdaNet, and many others) and you have any licensing problems or concerns with that product, it's best to contact the author directly for help; saurik generally cannot help with those issues.
    2012-03-27 09:35 PM
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