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    I have a unlocked iphone 3g via redsn0w. I have installed the windows advance theme (link below) and been doing some simple changes to it (changing icons and such) using iphonebrowser. There is one other change I would like to make, but I canít figure out how to do it. This theme changed the "slide to unlock" on the lock screen to more of a "touch to unlock". meaning all you have to do is tap the screen anywhere at the bottom and it unlocks. How can I edit the theme to change just that one setting back. I donít even care if there is an icon or a graphical slider, I just want it to require that gesture to unlock. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
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    2009-08-20 06:32 PM
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    so are you saying that you just want a tap to unlock? this can be done by increasing the size of bottombarknobgrey.png in the springboard.app folder. or are you wanting it to be a slide to unlock still? if thats what you want just find that file and make it the default size and that will allow you to slide to unlock once again. i apologize for not knowing the sizes off the top of my head
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    2009-08-20 07:07 PM
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    thanks for your help. I want it to go back to the oem way to unlock the phone or "slide to unlock". what you said makes sense, but I cannot find that file in the original springboard files, or in the theme's springboard files. Do you know the path for the oem location? if i had that i might be able to find it in the theme, as it seems to mirror apple's file structure fairly well.
    2009-08-20 07:58 PM
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    it depends on how the theme is structured. there are 2 ways to do it. if its done through bundles then it will be found in bundles\com.apple.springboard and will be named "BottomBarKnobGrey.png" the same file can be found under Folders\Springboard.app under the same file name. just delete this from the theme and you can go back to the oem slider. or if you resize it it will stay transparent but youll just slide instead of tap
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    2009-08-20 09:01 PM
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    That is really weird. those were the directories I was looking in earlier, and I have triple checked them now and I dont see any files with the name "BottomBarKnobGrey.png". Looking at the other files in the folder, it does appear to be the logical place for the file(s) in question. The closest files I see in those directories are named LockScreenControlsHUD.png, SBLockScreenControlsLCDSmall.png, SBLockScreenControlsLCD.png. and looking at those files none of them appear to be the correct one. Also, in doing this I have checked ever other folder in the theme and dont see a file by the name you gave, or even files with different names donít look like unlock "slider" or "button". Do you have any other ideas? Thanks again I really appreciate your help..
    2009-08-21 12:02 AM
  6. remz08's Avatar
    It's actually under bundles/com.apple.telephonyui
    2009-08-21 03:47 PM
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    hahahaha lol. it sure is. wow....thats embarrassing. a theme developer not knowing where the images are. suby and i actually dont use the bundles folder, we found out how to put all theme elements into the folders directory.
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    2009-08-21 05:49 PM
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    Thanks for your help guys! Worked perfectly. Although still couldnít find where that file was located in the original apple file structure. Not a big deal, just curious where it was.
    2009-08-21 08:22 PM
  9. remz08's Avatar
    in the original its in /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/TelephonyUI.framework
    2009-08-21 09:49 PM