1. STEVEFFF's Avatar
    hi mate i have checked the files and cant see any missing what files do you think are missing
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    2009-10-07 07:07 PM
  2. iphonerookie's Avatar
    He posted an icon with the star on it just like you requested somewhere on the last 1-3 pages I believe.
    2009-10-07 07:50 PM
  3. zausser's Avatar
    hi mate i have checked the files and cant see any missing what files do you think are missing
    What does the controls look like when you press play from the lockscreen?
    2009-10-07 07:53 PM
  4. STEVEFFF's Avatar
    like this
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    2009-10-07 08:18 PM
  5. flintTC's Avatar
    Thanks they look really goo. I kida like the dark look more then the original. Thanks again
    2009-10-07 09:16 PM
  6. zausser's Avatar
    like this
    Wacky.. Can you confirm that you have these (2) files in your SprngBoard.app Folder



    Then if you do and if still doesn't work make a SpringBoard.app Folder inside the subfolder "Folders" in the Carbon theme and add all 9 file from the first post...

    The two files above are not showing on your device. They are named wrong, missing, in the wrong folder or You have something above them in Winterboard that is overwriting these.

    Let me know....
    2009-10-07 09:24 PM
  7. STEVEFFF's Avatar
    i put all the files in com.apple.springboard in the bundles and it worked
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    2009-10-07 10:29 PM
  8. zausser's Avatar
    Great. Should be the sane as SpringBoard.app but glad you got it up and working. Do you have the updated smallLCD that I revised posted in this thread? If not check it out.
    2009-10-07 10:44 PM
  9. STEVEFFF's Avatar
    just seen it excellent work keep it up my phone looks the nuts
    2009-10-07 10:49 PM
  10. Dexy88's Avatar
    Please could anyone make a icon of :

    Real Footbal 2010
    2009-10-08 02:32 AM
  11. iphonerookie's Avatar
    yeah if you post a screenshot and also the exact name the app is titled on the Springboard (name below the icon exactly as it appears)
    2009-10-08 03:16 AM
  12. iphonerookie's Avatar
    i cant find any app called real football 2010...so here's NFL 2010...get your app names correct:
    Attached Images [RELEASE] iSatin-nameitwhatyouwant.png 
    2009-10-08 03:26 AM
  13. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    Just messing around with some alternate icons, what do you think Z? Messages and BeejiveIM
    Attached Images [RELEASE] iSatin-beejiveim.png [RELEASE] iSatin-messages.png 
    smaller sig.png
    2009-10-08 04:04 AM
  14. zausser's Avatar
    Just messing around with some alternate icons, what do you think Z? Messages and BeejiveIM
    I think it looks good... Less color may work as alternate icon set. I'm working on another set and shape to maybe make these themes have even more options... He He...
    2009-10-08 04:30 AM
  15. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    We're thinking the same way here, the base theme itself is just awesome and the way your kicking out more & more changes it just keeps getting better. So to have a completely different icon sets and a few minor tweaks with keep the theme fresh. Dude, so loving it. Kudos.....................
    smaller sig.png
    2009-10-08 05:11 AM
  16. uglyboygq's Avatar
    Here are some alts I've been using. Courtesy of QSO7's icons by Kon with iSatin pizazz!
    Attached Images [RELEASE] iSatin-calculator.png [RELEASE] iSatin-calendar.png [RELEASE] iSatin-clock.png [RELEASE] iSatin-complete.png [RELEASE] iSatin-contacts.png [RELEASE] iSatin-facebook.png [RELEASE] iSatin-ipod.png [RELEASE] iSatin-mail.png [RELEASE] iSatin-messages.png [RELEASE] iSatin-phone.png [RELEASE] iSatin-safari.png [RELEASE] iSatin-settings.png 
    Don't take life so serious...no one comes out alive anyways.
    2009-10-08 05:53 AM
  17. MuseFan288's Avatar
    Do you mean my battery? Its included in iSatin theme package.
    not sure if its your but i meant the carbon one that has a separate download link.
    2009-10-08 06:14 AM
  18. zausser's Avatar
    Can't remember if I posted this but... Yet another version...

    Name UIPinstripe.png and put it in the themes UIImages folder. Then Respring.
    2009-10-08 07:31 AM
  19. flintTC's Avatar
    Zausser I just want to ask if you can make these other icons for me when you have time?

    2009-10-08 10:18 AM
  20. zausser's Avatar
    Icon Pack Update first post - 700 icons and counting... Thanks to everyone for making this possible! You Rock!
    2009-10-08 10:30 AM
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