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    1) What's the best program to SSH with Windows Vista using a 3G iphone on 3.0?
    iPhoneRuler: How To: Connect to iPhone via SSH (Win)
    2) What is the best alternative to Intelliscreen for 3.0?
    3) How do I install such alternative to Intelliscreen for 3.0?
    4) What's the "location path" and file name for MMS(Messages) for Keyboard and Icon?
    5) What is the "location path" and file name of MMP(the blue bar in the picture below)?

    6) Is it possible to lower the lockscreen bar so it takes up less of the screen? I've seen it done on other themes but I can't seem to replicate it...
    7) What is the "location path" and file name of the reflection below the battery icon when charging?
    8) I try to replace my Rogers provider to a custom image but it never seems to change what is the correct file name and "location path"?
    9) Is there a logical reason why my top bar keep disapearing randomly?

    Thank you for taking the time to help and answer these questions
    EDIT: I'm also going to post the answers in here so if others wonder these things they can find out easily.
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    i dont understand SSH...its so slow...why not use iphonebrowser?
    2009-08-25 02:33 AM
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    For SSH there are several. WinSCP (wifi) iPhonebrowser (USB) or i-FunBox
    Here is a thread for theme file locations
    2009-08-25 03:02 AM