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  1. drpaz_99's Avatar
    Dos anyone know if its possible to change the SMS SENT message sound? I have SSH into my iphone already and have changed the received sounds, but dont know the name of the sent sound caf file.
    2009-08-25 02:34 AM
  2. Simtech's Avatar
    2009-08-25 02:45 AM
  3. drpaz_99's Avatar
    Thanks, i was afraid of that, i changed it but its not changed on my phone, still the same old sound. I even rebooted and still nothing. Any ideas/suggestions?
    2009-08-25 02:52 AM
  4. jetlorider's Avatar
    make sure you convert the audio...just dont change the extension from mp3 to caf
    2009-08-25 03:59 AM
  5. NeoNightmareX's Avatar
    ^ You have to tell him what to convert it to. Convert the mp3 to an aif and then rename aif to caf. The sound limit should be just over 5 seconds so keep it under that.
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    I can't find Cydia on app store
    2009-08-25 04:36 AM
  6. joec2's Avatar
    Go to
    Browse for the mp3. It will choose that as the input file
    Scroll down, select the output you want. (Choose .aiff)
    Hit okay. After in converts, save it, change the .aiff to .caf
    SSH it into your phone.

    Works, I do it all the time, I'm always changing noise. I have the BB Storm click as the lock/unlock sounds. It may not sound like it worked at first, reboot your phone and try it.
    2009-08-26 04:18 AM