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  1. Jabo1000's Avatar
    Hey every one, im Jabo1000 new on the set, i was wondering is there a way to upload or download videos you record with the Cycorder, i figured not, but there`s so many other fascinating task and tricks i`ve been impressed with i figure there`s got to be a way, Thanks and again Hello to all that see`s this post.
    2009-08-25 01:24 PM
  2. Mophandleman's Avatar
    Hi Jabo1000,

    You can indeed upload Cycorder videos. You just need to install 2 other apps.

    Pixelpipe -- Available form the Apple APP store for free. It is normally just used to upload your pics to Facebook, BEBO etc...

    PPVideoenabler -- From Cydia. This is a small app that gives you the option to let Pixelpipe also include your Cydia .mov files to upload to Facebook or a number of other sites.

    You should download Pixelpipe first, sign up for an account. Put in your Facebook info or wherever you want to upload to. This is not the most user friendly sign up process, but you'll figure it out.

    Then download ppvideoenabler, select the option to upload videos using pixelpipe for cycorder. You don't even have to keep ppvideoenabler. Oncel you've enabled videos then you can remove it.

    I've uploaded several video files to facebook and it works a treat. The quality is a lot better in brighter light. But the brighter light the higher frame rate the bigger the video. So they can get quite large so probably best to make sure you're on wifi or a good 3G connection before uploading.

    Have fun uploading.

    2009-08-27 02:41 PM