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    I found a great weather widget for the lockscreen and am stumped on how to edit the HTML file to make a simple change.

    What I am using is here;


    The original file LockBackground.html LockBackgroundorig.html.zip WORKS GREAT

    I need to make a few changes to the HTML code to include a background but am having no luck. If I so much as open the file in anything including TXT editor, Expressions, Front Page, or iFile on the phone and save it making NO changes the formatting gets screwy.

    Its one simple line of code I need to add <body background="LockBackground.png">

    What is so unique about the original file that I can not find a way to save the changed file in the same format. I thought it was a permissions issue but I dunno.

    Here is what happens to the formatting when I edit the file using a basic text editor;

    It has to be how the file is SAVED but I am just to noob to figure it out...

    Sorry for rambling, any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    2009-09-01 02:52 AM
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    Im still looking..

    When I view the directory I see - Bundles/ LockBackground.html* Private/ -

    The html document has a *, what does this mean?

    I think this html document may be a RTFD document, some kind of package prebuilt with some software.

    This case is CLOSED;

    I made the changes I needed with a text editor and accepted they would juggle the format. I then read some CSS tutorials and made a few tweaks to the CSS file and I am gold ...
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    2009-09-02 01:37 AM
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