1. lostyty's Avatar
    ok so i downloaded ssh and winscp and i am conected to my ipod touch currently through wifi. but when i try to change my password by clicking ctrl-p it says putty cannot be found. why dont i have putty? and how else can i change my password?
    2009-09-01 11:08 AM
  2. PolishHacker's Avatar
    When you SSH Make Sure You Are In SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol)
    Your Server Must Be Your IP Address

    *Make Sure The Port Number Is 22

    Hope This Helped
    2009-09-01 06:59 PM
  3. lostyty's Avatar
    its still coming up as putty cannot be found
    2009-09-01 10:49 PM
  4. Frostbite's Avatar
    Then use something else like mobile terminal (free on Cydia), then you don't even have to connect to your computer.
    2009-09-02 07:57 PM
  5. Simtech's Avatar
    great thread title BTW....
    2009-09-02 08:01 PM
  6. Frostbite's Avatar
    great thread title BTW....
    LOL there are so many like that
    2009-09-02 08:07 PM
  7. lostyty's Avatar
    haha ya its lame but hey it got ppls attention
    2009-09-03 03:32 AM