1. sjanicol's Avatar
    What's the latest on this issue? Still can't get Storm Keyboard and other Keyboards to work on Winterboard after 3.0 3G Jailbreak. Worked great on previous version.

    2009-09-08 04:39 AM
  2. Raptors's Avatar
    if u read around or search ud know still doesnt work on 3.0+...there are some methods but they are kinda hard
    2009-09-08 04:46 AM
  3. 3ggY's Avatar
    that doesn't say much for the dev. pathetic
    2009-10-24 07:28 PM
  4. Him Himself's Avatar
    Wow. Not like you were taking any action, so I'm not sure you're one to talk. Just my two cents.
    Him Herself was here. No, wait...
    2009-10-25 09:20 AM
  5. Chefanim's Avatar
    that doesn't say much for the dev. pathetic
    Considering the 'Dev' is saurik, the person responsible for Cydia and Winterboard, I dont think Pathetic is quite fair. If you had taken the time to do a little research, he has explained in great detail the differences in the keyboard from 2.X to 3.X, and why its no longer supported by Winterboard.

    the only thing 'pathetic' here is your un-knowledgeable response.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish
    2009-10-27 08:07 PM