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  1. Prenzlberger's Avatar
    Hi guys

    Currently I'm working an a new theme, but I can't figure out which image I need to modify.
    I'm searching for the image to change the background of the tabbar (e.g. in the phoneapp or cydia at the bottom) and the searchbar (e.g. in contacts).
    For more than 2 hours I'm searching, but without luck.
    Any help accepted ^^
    2009-09-09 09:19 PM
  2. tjfitz7's Avatar
    The images you need should be in application/ and applications/

    I posted the images below, the first image i have posted is in the it is default.png

    the three next images are in the they are default-noVVM.png, defaultdialer-noVVM.png, defaultvoicemail.png

    I hope this helps
    Attached Thumbnails Need help finding the right images-default.png   Need help finding the right images-default-novvm_sunaug16_105546_2009.png   Need help finding the right images-defaultdialer-novvm_sunaug16_105547_2009.png   Need help finding the right images-defaultvoicemail_sunaug16_105547_2009.png  
    2009-09-10 12:52 AM
  3. tjfitz7's Avatar
    also sorry i igonored the other image, what about the search bar do you want to change? the white background for the text or the grey frame around it?
    2009-09-10 12:56 AM
  4. Prenzlberger's Avatar
    Thanks for the first help. I try it when I'm finished resetting my iphone (it crashed while theming ^^)
    About the Searchbar: I'd like to change the gray/blue background cause it doesn't fit to the rest of my theme
    2009-09-10 01:32 AM
  5. tjfitz7's Avatar
    alright the search bar image your looking for is in /applications/ the image name is default.png, at least for contacts if you wanted to change the search bar in the "maps" app it would be /applications/ and the image for that is still default.png and it should be the "default.png" for any other apps you want to change. If that doesnt do it then you will need to change 2 more images they are located in /system/library/frameworks/UIKit.Framework/Other.artwork the files are gradientfill.png and topshine.png
    2009-09-10 02:31 AM
  6. Prenzlberger's Avatar
    The default.png images in each folder are just the images that appear when the app is loading. When it's loaded it's been replaced with something different. It's more like a loadingscreen for the app ^^
    I got the topshine.png and gradientfill.png, but I don't want to put them back in the systemfolder. Through such an action i crashed my winterboard a few hours ago. Any chance to place them in the folders or the bundles? At the moment they are in the UIImages, but this seems not to work.
    2009-09-10 03:07 AM
  7. tjfitz7's Avatar
    The images for the black tabbar at the bottom of apps like cydia and phone app are located in other.artwork and are UIButtonBarBlackOpaqueBackground.png and UIButtonBarBlackOpaqueBackgroundTall.png but be careful bc with the latest itunes and firmware updates you may not be able to restore.
    2009-09-13 04:21 PM