1. huntsman34's Avatar

    A total noob question, hope it doesn't annoy you guys.

    The themes on here are amazing, so much better than those available through cydia at present.

    I've downloaded the rar for the Macbook 3.1 Final Theme and very much want to install it... only problem is that I haven't a clue how.

    I know this forum is geared more toward development than inane basics like this, but any help anyone could provide would be most appreciated.

    Many thank,
    2009-09-12 07:58 PM
  2. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    Welcome to MMi,
    You will have to learn to SSH into your phones files, not a big deal really but knowledge of "how too" will open many doors for you in themeing your phone
    You will need several things.
    In Cydia install "OpenSSH"
    You will use either WinScp (wifi) or iPhoneBrowser (USB)
    Here is a guide to SSH and a thread on where to install the themes you want to install.
    2009-09-12 09:21 PM