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    So I was playing around today and just installing random things in Cydia (prob not a good idea) - honestly can't remember what.

    Now my 3GS will reboot constantly. So what's happening is this:

    1) Machine will boot
    2) iTunes/Windows detects the iPhone but the screen is black
    3) Machine reboots 2-3 minutes later

    This is constantly happening.

    And now that the 3.0/3.0.1 aren't signed anymore, can't just restore.

    Any ideas on what I can do to get in? I have OpenSSH but the iPhone isn't connecting to the wireless due to battery savings.

    So lucky me, I forgot I had gotten DiskAid/FileAid before I left for my last business trip.

    I have access to the root. Can anyone point me to what I need to delete to start my Cydia files over again? Or at least get rid of the last 10 or so.
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    No one has any ideas?
    2009-09-14 10:15 PM