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    Just wanted to show that this theme still works on a 3GS in IOS5. Still the best theme out there.

    **G.O.C. PRO** theme by ToyVan-pic1.jpg**G.O.C. PRO** theme by ToyVan-pic2.jpg**G.O.C. PRO** theme by ToyVan-pic3.jpg**G.O.C. PRO** theme by ToyVan-pic4.jpg

    The Glass Orb Color SBSettings theme is working now too.
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    2012-02-14 05:02 PM
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    Thanks for the info, but it seems like the right icon is in place for both Mail and Music, but it is being "orbed" in the dock and I can't figure out why. I have cleared the icon cache and still no luck...
    2012-02-14 10:38 PM
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    Mine was orbed too. I used Ifunbox (I have Windows) to went into the theme folder and change it to a non orbed one.
    2012-02-15 06:15 PM
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    Can anyone help me out, I'm having a problem with a few of the themes...
    I still can't figure out why any of the sliders won't work. I think I'm having a problem with the whole lock screen, none of those themes seem to be working. I got the weather+date to work but can't seem to get the datewidget to show up. I tried using sliders from other themes and I've been having the same problem so I don't think it can be an issue with G.O.C. Pro but perhaps a setting or tweak that is preventing those themes from functioning. Any ideas?The one other thing that I can't fix either is on the keypad. The call icon has changed to the correct icon but the add contact and backspace icons remain the defaults. I'm sure there is a way to change these icons using ifile but I'm not sure about how to go about it. I was already able to change the default music icon to fit on the dock without the orbed icon but I can't seem to figure this one out. Thanks for your time and greatly appreciate any help I can get
    2012-02-21 03:57 AM
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    I don't have any sliders. I installed "tap to unlock-ios5" from Cydia. It's an invisible tap to unlock theme. It goes good with GOC. Looking at Winterboard I have it on top - GOC Pro TaptoUnlock-GOC Pro Weather+Date-GOC Pro. Seem redundant to have both, but it works.

    I am confused on your weather+date and datawidget not showing up. You can't use both. I use the weather one, so I know it works.

    My phone keypad has the same problem. I have seen the same comment in other themes too. Haven't tried too hard to fix it yet because I am sure someone on here smarter than me will figure it out first. If I do get it I will post it here, hope you will do the same.
    2012-02-21 05:09 AM
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    Thanks for the response. So is there no way to make the sliders work? I actually like the ones for this theme, it's a shame I can't get them to work. With regards to my weather+date, I have it working fine but can't get the datewidget to work as a substitute. I'm not trying to use both, just one or the other. Nothing appears when I select only the datewidget. I also just noticed that the carrier replacement also doesn't work for me.
    2012-02-21 05:20 AM
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    I used to use MakeitMine, but it doesn't work in IOS5. Found Fakeoperator and it does work.

    Sorry, can't help you with the datawidget. The new IOS is not something I want to play around with. If I get it the way I want it and working, I am leaving it.
    2012-02-21 05:26 AM
  8. D.LaZZaRo's Avatar
    Thanks alot, Fakeoperator works for that problem. I guess I don't really care too much for the datewidget but I would like to get the sliders to work. Any suggestions for that? Also, I'm not able to use my own wallpaper on the lockscreen instead of the one on the theme. Do you know how I can do it?
    2012-02-21 05:32 AM
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    Just go into Ifunbox. Raw data -var-stash-themes-goc pro. You should see the wallpapers used in the theme. I usually just replace those files with ones I wanted. I haven't changed mine yet, but it should work.

    Read this thread, might help you with your sliders:

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    2012-02-21 05:39 AM
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    toyvan pls update IOS 6.
    i very like your theme?
    pls psl help me
    2013-05-25 10:26 AM
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