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    Whats Google????? Hey this worked for me. followed to a "T" - Thanks !!!
    2009-10-01 04:29 AM
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    I've got a question concerning my iPod Touch, which I wanted to downgrade to version 3.0 (from 3.1.1. of course) in order to be able to jailbreak it.
    Well, I did what is decribed in Game2Freak's points 1 to 3, the last thing I successfully managed to do was to bring my IPod into DFU mode.
    The next thing I intented to do was to install iPod2,1_2.2.1_5H11a_Restore by shift-clicking the restore button in iTunes. (My iPod's model no. is A1213 and it's got no speakers on the sides, so I guess it is a G1 product.. that is why I downloaded iPod1,1_2.2.1_5H11a_Restore later)
    iTunes then extracted the files, but after some time an error occured. It said: The iPod could not be recovered. An unknown error occured: 1601. (there are always different numbers)

    Well, now I've got an iPod with no version installed on it and I really don't know what to do. I hope one of you could give me some advice.

    I was using iTunes 8, now I've got the newest version installed.

    Thanks in advance
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    2009-10-06 06:41 PM
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    If you have tried other firmwares and all else fails, I would update to itunes 9 and let it download and install the latest version of the firmware, for your ipod touch.

    I don't know what else to suggest since I have never had the same problem.
    2009-10-06 07:02 PM
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    iTunes v9 is installed already. When I connect my iPod to my computer a message occurs, saying: iTunes has found an iPod currently being in maintenance mode. You have to recover the iPod before it can connects to iTunes.
    Please note that this is not the exact wording, since I am German and I am just translating. But I guess you get the point...

    Well, I am currently trying something different. I hope it is going to work. Right before I started downgrading my iPod I was a bit scared, for I am a total idiot when it comes to computers and applications. I hope my fear was no foreboding

    But nevertheless thanks for your fast response
    2009-10-06 07:19 PM
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    its in DFU mode...durrr...

    get your firmware version here iPod and iPhone Firmware Download

    using any "modfied" version unless its be done correctly, will not work.
    2009-10-07 03:56 AM
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    Dont upgrade ive had 2 maNY PROBS W/ 3.1.1 JAILBROKEN LIKE WIFI NOT WORKIN
    2009-11-05 09:34 PM
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