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    I'm working on a Hurley )( theme, so I decided to cut the all the icon pictures into the )( shape. It turned out looking pretty good with one problem. I can't figure out what to do with the Calendar icon. I'm cutting it into the shape of the attached picture, and if I cut the Calendar icon, the day and date wouldn't be easy to see. Any ideas that would still look good with the theme?
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    2009-09-24 01:49 AM
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    Sorry, I couldn't figure exactly what you're trying to do, but did you try changing the plist for different position/font-size/color of the calendar?
    2009-09-24 02:03 AM
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    Huh. I didn't think of that. I was trying to figure out a different picture to use instead of changing the position. I've done a little work with plists but not enough to know how to do this. Are there any themes that do this or any plist on the internet that can at least point me in the right direction? Thanks.
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    2009-09-24 02:07 AM
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    This is an example, I use in my theme. Hope it helps.

    <string>width:59px;height:59px;position:absolute;c olor: #000000;font-size: 27px;font-weight: bold;position:absolute;top:+10px;text-align:center;text-shadow: 0px 1px 0px black;</string>

    <string>width:60px;height:7px;position:absolute;co lor: #070203;font-size: 7px;;position:absolute;top:-2px;text-align:center;</string>
    2009-09-24 02:17 AM
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    That helps a lot but i wonder what you would replace "absolute" with to move the position. Would you happen to know? Also, is there an easy way to measure pixels in photoshop without counting? Thanks in advance.
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    2009-09-24 06:06 AM
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    Just have the date display as numbers.. I can't think of any better way.
    2009-09-24 06:06 AM
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    By numbers do you mean 9/23/09 or just 23 like it already says but without the words? If I have just numbers, then I still have to figure out how to change the position of the numbers... Thanks for all the help so far these are pretty good ideas.
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    2009-09-24 06:14 AM
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    Changing this part will move just the cal numbers "top:+10px;" I guess you can try add something like right or left.
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    2009-09-24 06:24 AM
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    So I've been experimenting, and I managed to get the date the right size and left aligned, but I can't figure out how to move it over like 3 pixels. Left and Right +(amount of pixels) didn't work. Any other suggestions?
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    2009-09-29 01:39 AM
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    I've been working on a time widget, and this may be helpfull for you:

    #clock {
    width: 135px;
    height: 128px;
    position: relative;
    left: 91.7%;
    margin-left: -377px;
    text-align: center;
    word-spacing: -3px;
    font: 12px "Helvetica";
    text-shadow: #000000 1px 2px 1px;
    top: 60%;
    display: none;
    margin-top: -152px;
    color: #ffffff;
    -webkit-transform: rotate(90deg);

    Ps. percentage also changes text position.
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    2009-09-29 05:13 AM
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    YESSSSSS!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!! That was what I needed! I used the margin amounts. That was what was preventing me. Now, I also used the [-webkit-transform:rotate(90deg)] and that worked too!!!! The only thing I have left to figure out is how to change the rotated day (only fits rotated but thats ok) to move to the right...I'm working on that right now!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH LATE NITES!!!!!!!!!
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    2009-09-29 05:40 AM
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    Np dude, glad it helped
    Don't forget to show screens shots after you're done.
    2009-09-29 05:45 AM
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    The Calendar icon is the last thing so i might b able to post pictures in this forum tonight and send it to Kyle tomorrow. if not i'll post pictures tomorrow as well. Thanks again. really helped.
    You wouldn't happen to also know how to move the Day text to the right after I flipped it 90 degrees would you? I tried to right align it and use the margin amount but its not working yet..

    NvM I figured it out- i used the left margin instead of the right and just increased in by 14 pixels.
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    2009-09-29 05:52 AM
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    Alright...here it is. The finished theme- please give feedback!!!! I made all the pictures myself in photoshop-If you download it and have app icons you would like to have added email me by clicking my name on Cydia.
    Hope to have it sent to Modmyi by tomorrow and have it posted on Cydia this week. If you like it go download it. Special thanks goes to Late Nights for the Calendar Icon.
    Attached Thumbnails Idea Help-img_0135.png   Idea Help-img_0136.png   Idea Help-img_0137.png   Idea Help-img_0139.png  
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    2009-09-30 12:50 AM