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    Hi everyone!

    i haven't been on here in ages...sadly i had to convert to a blackberry for work for awhile but i am back to a iphone again!

    unfortunately i cannot get the old dialer i used previously to work on the 3gs. is there anyone out there kind enough to help me convert it somehow?

    i do have winterboard installed and i am on 3.0.1 right now. i tried putting them into the Library/Theme folder using DiskAid but no luck! please let me know if ANYONE can help!

    please anyone!!
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    2009-09-26 05:28 AM
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    i got you covered unzip this place it into the themes folder you talkeda bout or the other rout var/stash/themes.xxxx/place_here turn it on in winterboard it'll work i added the keys to turn pink when you press them you'll see
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    2009-09-28 01:33 PM
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    i did also make a thing for the top black bar if you want it here it is i'll attatch the full theme with this as the black thing at the top instead of it just being blank so if you want that then download this one instead of the other.
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    here is a screen shot of the one with the other top bar thing
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    2009-09-28 07:58 PM
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    thank you!!!
    2009-09-30 03:41 AM
  6. santaf's Avatar
    2009-09-30 03:42 AM
  7. BlnkCruiser's Avatar
    Hello, sorry for reviving old thread, but I just happened to found this thread and I m would like to get this dialer theme for my wife's 4s.
    I downloaded this file, unzip and put this "folders" in var/stash/theme.xxxx, but it's not working. I then put this "folder" into a theme that is currently used, but it's not working too. Perhaps this files needs to be converted to HD?? Any help is greatly appreciated.

    thatnk you..
    2012-03-07 09:14 AM
  8. BlnkCruiser's Avatar
    Never mind..
    figured out how to convert to HD.
    thanks for the file....

    2012-03-08 07:50 PM
  9. nflnews's Avatar
    I downloaded this file, unzip and set this "folders" in var/stash/theme.xxxx, but it is no longer working. Then i put this "folder" right into a theme that's presently used, but it is no longer working too. Possibly this files must be transformed into HD?? Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
    2012-03-10 04:35 AM
  10. santaf's Avatar
    what phone are you using and what os? this is an old zip for 3.0 and a none HD device
    2012-03-11 01:44 AM
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