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    First off, if this question is answered somewhere else, I'm sorry. I've checked everywhere and found close answers, but not for this specific issue.

    The story:
    I want to edit iPhone .png files. I know one can't view/edit them without converting them to the correct .png format. I tried every method listed on this site (and others) to convert the files correctly to view/edit them. It wasn't until I found the site, Convert PNG, that I noticed firefox will view the .png files without problems. It's only when I use my mac to view them that I get problems. The long and short of it is the converted .png files on my mac look/act just like the unconverted files. I know they converted correctly because firefox views them.

    What can I do so my computer will read these files right?

    2009-09-29 02:58 AM
  2. wannabprogramma's Avatar
    Your info says you are using a mac-If this is true, you can open the files with preview, and save them as .png's-as far as editing you would do better with photoshop or paint.net, but if you are just converting, doing small edits and saving with the specific name so that you can put them on your iPhone, I find Preview works well.
    Hope this helps.
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    2009-09-29 03:09 AM
  3. dowacha's Avatar

    Thanks for the help, but it still won't work. Preview acts like the converted .png's are the unconverted .png's. I have Photoshop, but haven't had much luck fiddling with that either.

    The only thing I can come up with is the .png's are fine and it's my computer that's not acing properly. Is there a plug-in (or something like that) my computer needs? I've worked with non-iPhone .png's without problem before.
    2009-09-29 11:32 PM
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    Well, I'm ignorant to the difference between Iphone pngs and regular pngs. I have always used the regular .png format, and had no problems. If there is a special iphone .png format I've never heard of it and it must not be necessary-unless my computer automatically makes iphone .pngs which I find doubtful...Try using regular .png's and tell me what happens
    The Next Generation of Phreaks.
    2009-09-29 11:41 PM
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    Not all apps images are made in "invisible" mode... sounds like you may be trying to convert files that don't need converting!

    I'd give you "Fix PNG", but its a windows program, works flawlessly on every one of the 100's of app images ive converted.
    Praise the Devs! To each and every one of you who spend your time writing code and making apps for little or no profit... Its YOU that makes the iPhone great, NOT Apple!! From me to you, a million thanks!!
    2009-09-29 11:46 PM
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    GraphicConverter will read iPhone pngs on the Mac and iPhonePNGApp is an app that will do batch conversions. You can get the app here: iPhonePNGApp for Mac
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    2009-09-30 12:03 AM
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    iPhonePNGApp worked perfectly! Thanks! And thanks to everyone else who responded!

    Icing on the cake: every other resource for converting .png's doesn't do batch like this. Had all the other methods worked, I'd chose this program above them. Wohoo!
    2009-09-30 04:25 AM