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    Idk what happened, but after I spent hours getting it to work on my 3G (3.1) I noticed the phone wouldn't sleep. I read somewhere to do a reset, which did nothing but almost brick my phone.

    It also made the vwallpaper disappear!

    I've tried to reinstall it and even though Cydia shows it as installed, I cant find it.

    Even found the Skrew/vWallpaper folders in Cyberduck, but no icon on the phone itself.

    I remember there was some code I had to paste into the terminal after making the folders 755 but when i tried to paste that same code now it says the package not found or some crap...

    In anycase, Im so pissed that i got it to work, and lost it cuz I took some dumbshitz advise on a forum.

    So, im asking for more advise from dumbshitz..

    Who here knows what the hell I'm talking about and knows how to fix it?


    The solution is to just do a restore & install the source from Cydia and install Skrew&Vwallpaper.
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