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    I really have no idea why I called it this. My second theme, the first one was bull so I scrapped it. This one isn't too flash either, but if you like it, you're welcome to it

    I can take harsh critisicm, and i know it's coming, so fire away xD

    This is designed with iPod touch in mind. I'll get around to voice memos, phone, camera and SMS in the next update.

    Download link: http://www.deviantart.com/download/1...esandsheep.zip

    PSD icon template included. Switch the gloss layers on for gloss, the grad overlay one for matte, and the layer masks layers at the bottom are for copying layer masks across. Have fun

    edit: the music icon is sh!t atm. I'm re-doing that with the iPhone update.

    Currently themed:

    51 icons
    Popup windows
    Springboard badges
    Lockscreen (All credit goes to [link] for pretty much all of that)

    Media player
    Icons (mainly phone)

    Will (possibly) theme:
    Weather, stocks, navigation bars, SBSettings

    Please request icons, I'll probably miss quite a few out when thinking of ones to make.

    If you make a icon, could you please post it in this thread!
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