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    Where are these images located?
    In the first picture its marked:

    In the second I mean the top abr, and the bottom bar, which ich guess is the same image as in the first image, i loaded up:

    I hope you can help me...
    I would like to change these for the theme I am working on, which is quite black and red...
    I know how to change the normal navigation abrs (cause there is a example theme in winterboard) and the buttons, but not how to change these bars...

    ANd has any1 a clue how to change the navigation abrs used in ICQ and SKYPE app? They are not in the folder from these apps, or i didnt find them, but i would like to have them black, too...

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    The images you need are located in /System/Library/Frameworks/Other.Artwork
    and they are:
    UIButtonBarDefaultBackground.png - Portrait
    UIButtonBarDefaultBackgroundsmall.png - Landscape

    You will also need to edit some other images. For the mail app the images are located in /Applications/ ( if you dont already know) and they are:

    these images will pop up when the app first starts up and are only there for like a second or two, at which point the UIButtonBarDefaultBackground comes into play.

    Hopefully this helps

    My apologies I screwed up the location of the first 2 images and forgot about the search bar images.

    The location of the first two images i gave you should be /System/Library/Frameworks/UiKit.Framework/Other.Artwork

    And for the search bar images they are also Located in /System/Library/Frameworks/UIKit.Frameworks/Other.Artwork and they are:

    Graidientfill.png - bottom half

    TopShine.Png - top half
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    Thank you very much.
    At the moment i have a problem with iPhoneShop.
    Though i installed Jave, when i execute import.bat, there comes the erroro that Java is a unknown process( or so i dont know the right word in english)...
    But i will look if it works on my windows xp...

    2009-10-07 08:05 AM