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    Back in July I edited my sounds.strings file to reflect the actual names of new text message alerts I SSH'd into my phone. It has worked like a charm all the way up to FW 3.1.

    This morning I updated to 3.1.2 and JB with blackra1n. I SSH'd in and replaced all my alert sounds, which work fine. The only problem is the sounds.strings file -- even after reboot, the old names appear under settings.

    I guess my question is -- did the sounds.strings file change from FW 3.1 to FW 3.1.2? Of course, like a dumbass I didn't save the original sounds.strings file because replacing it had worked so well previously.

    Anyone have a "stock" sounds.strings file on 3.1.2 they can send me, so I can take a closer look at it?
    2009-10-11 03:06 PM