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    Ok so I did a little search and found out that you can change the color. So I took the black ice color and stuck it into the illumine theme, looks great. My question is where do I get more colors...right now it's red with black ice sliders. I know you name it this 'bottombarlocktextmask.png'
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    2009-10-24 11:58 PM
  2. gary86's Avatar
    2009-10-25 12:11 AM
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    Just to add, you need to name all of these in folder. 1-bottombarknobgray.png - 2-bottombarknobgreen.png - 3rd-bottmbarknobred.png and also these bottombarlocktextmask.png/bottombarbkgndlock.png/bottombarbkgnd.png/and topbarbkgnd.png. This is if your creating your own, also if you want the easy method for text color. Look in Cydia for these/Text Mask/Color/Font Color/and Color Pop Ups, hope this helps and if I am way off of what your looking for (sorry)
    2009-10-25 04:40 PM
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    What lockscreen battery is that? It's well nice
    2009-10-25 08:27 PM
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    here's the battery
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    2009-10-26 01:47 AM
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    Thanx for the link, I was going to ask about it as well.
    2009-10-29 04:08 PM
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    no problem...hook me up with my 1st thanks...
    2009-10-29 04:23 PM
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    sorry not to good with computers hahahow do you use the link?
    2011-07-27 11:02 PM
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    or just whats the lockscreen called i get it on cydia
    2011-07-28 05:42 AM